Tales from the Windy City

Chicago Day 1

OK, so yesterday I spent most of the day in the sky, in a tin can with far too little leg room for a guy who is 6’5″! But I managed to sleep half the way to Chicago and arrived safely, grabbing some American fries and a coffee as soon as I cleared security. Which was really quick and painless this year.

My friend John collected me and we drove across town catching up and talking drums. We went out and ate some great Mexican food and eventually I fell asleep on the sofa still wearing my jacket and boots. A pretty laid back first day catching up with friends, eating great food and trying to beat the jet lag.

I’m awake at 4.30 a.m today so the coffee pot is on and i’m sat listening to the dawn chorus while I catch up on some emails and social media. Once John is up, we’ll head out for some breakfast and head to see my friend Steve Maxwell at his newest Chicago shop.

Check out my blog later today/tomorrow as I catch up with all my pals this side of the pond arriving for the Chicago Drum Show – should be some good drum goodies and stories to share.


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