Snare of the Day

Slingerland HSS Radio King

This drum represents the last of the Solid Shell Radio Kings and came to us in near immaculate condition…


This snare drum dates to the HSS era of Slingerland (1989-1994) and represents the last range of Radio King. This snare drum is a one piece maple shell in Marine Pearl wrap, vintage hoops and original Slingerland hardware.

It tunes up nicely and has all the characteristics you’d expect from a solid maple shell; Volume, stick sensitivity right across the head, warm full bodied tone. It is in absolutely lovely condition and would suit a player or collector.

More info on the website, a short video of it in action on our instagram.


Snare of the day

Ludwig Supraphonic 400

This fine Ludwig Supraphonic 400 snare drum arrived at the shop this week with some more gear….


The most recorded snare drum of all time, this drum has loads of tone; together with the invention  of the plastic drum head, this drum was the sound of Rock & Roll. This particular drum dates around 1976 by the serial number on the Blue/Olive badge. All hardware is original and fully functional. Some chrome pitting on the shell which is common on these drums.

It tunes up and sounds great right across the tuning range. We have more coming soon, but right now this is the only one in stock – don’t miss out! More details here.

Snare of the day

Super Ludwig snare drum

This early 60’s Ludwig Super Ludwig has arrived at the shop and sounds stunning…


The Super Ludwig preceded the Supraphonic 400 and consists of a chrome over brass shell with brass hoops. Pre-serial keystone badge, small round knob tone control muffler, P83 snare strainer. This drum is in great condition cosmetically, with just a few scratches and minor marks from being loved and played.

This drum tunes up easily and sounds great. There’s a short video of it in action on our Instagram and more information and photos on the website.

Snare of the day

Camco No. 99 Super

OK, so this rather rare & stunning Camco snare drum arrived at the shop a couple days ago…


Appearing in the 1965 catalogue with the name No.99 Super, this drum is a lovely example in original condition. Chrome over brass shell and hoops, original key mounted in the shell, original internal tone control dampener, original fully functional snare strainer. The drum is cosmetically in great shape, with a small dent where the tone control knob it; One for the collector as well as the player.

Sounds wise, it tunes up nicely and does what you’d expect from a chrome on brass drum. Nice and open, but with a control and a warm bit. More information on the website and a short video of the drum in action on our Instagram.

Snare of the day

Bespoke Copper shell

This copper shell custom snare drum recently came into the shop and has been sat in a heavy duty flight case, overlooked. That was a mistake…..


This drum is seeking a new home and needs to be played loads and enjoyed. I don’t have masses of information, other than it was built by a gentleman named Clive Adams in 1997 (who owned and ran Mercury Drum Co. in the UK). The shell itself was made by a copper smith Steven E Schifer, the solid brass hardware assembled by Clive I assume. This drum is absolutely stunning; great attention to design details like the leather washers separating all hardware from the shell. Yamaha strainers in gold complete this outstanding drum.

The drum tunes up beautifully, and the tone…oh, its like biting into a bar of your favourite chocolate or sipping your favourite beverage after a long hot summer day in work! It’s just….

More details on this drum on our website where we offer international shipping. There is a short video of this drum being played in the shop on my Instagram.

Stunning. Someone please treat themselves to this, it’s a bit special.

Snare of the day

Slingerland Radio King ‘student’

This stunning Slingerland ‘student’ Radio King arrived at the shop in great condition…

Slingerland Studen Radio King snare 1950s at Nick Hopkin Drums

This snare drum dates to around 1950 and is in great original condition. Rather than being a solid shell drum, this student model is a 3 ply shell. It still features those lovely, fat, maple re-rings that help give it that vintage tone. All hardware is original including the brass hoops and three point strainer. Note that these student models don’t have the Radio King snare brackets.

These drums are by no means rare, but it’s the first I’ve seen in a glitter finish, and on this drum the blue glitter is very well preserved. It tunes up nicely, with no flat spots, and sounds great. More information on the website and a short video of the drum in action on my Instagram.



Snare of the day

Ludwig Classic Maple

This awesome Ludwig Classic maple snare drum recently arrived at the shop about 6 weeks ago,  I’ve played it a couple times previously and fallen in love with it!


I picked this drum up a couple months ago from a collector, who let me have a load of Ludwig snare drums! All kept cased, dry, in lovely condition. Sometimes I myself find it a bit overwhelming walking into the shop as we have a huge stock of vintage snares; so often, great drums get overlooked for more common models. This is one of those drums. 14 x 6.5″ 6 ply Maple shell, in black wrap, immaculate – not a scratch on the drum, all original hardware and best of all it sounds amazing!

I’ve got the drum tuned medium with a twin ply Remo PS3 coated and Puresound wires. It gives a lovely classic rock tone, with plenty of weight and warmth. Tune it higher and you’d achieve a much brighter sounds; tune it way down low with a gel and you can get that fat, low punch.

There’s a short video of it on my Instagram and more details with International shipping options on the website.

Snare of the day

Ludwig Hammered Brass 5″

Today’s featured drum in the shop is a Ludwig Hammered Brass 5″ which is in amazing condition and sounds so good! I only wish I could keep them all…


This 14×5″ hammered snare is fitted with the super sensitive snare strainer and all original hardware. The drum has no issues whatsoever, its hard to believe its a few decades old! The snare tunes up with ease and sounds great right across the range. The brass shell gives this drum a warmth to its tone, not so dissimilar to a Black Beauty; the hammering gives it a nice bright sound, with plenty of bite, much brighter than a regular chrome over aluminium supraphonic 400.

Overall, a great snare drum to add to your collection. In stunning condition, these hammered brass snares aren’t the sort of drum that drift into the shop regularly. Give us a call if you want to come & try it for yourself – +44 (0)1873739138

We offer International shipping on all items if you’re outside the UK. More information on the website and a short video on our Instagram.