Snare of the day

Ludwig Hammered Brass 5″

Today’s featured drum in the shop is a Ludwig Hammered Brass 5″ which is in amazing condition and sounds so good! I only wish I could keep them all…


This 14×5″ hammered snare is fitted with the super sensitive snare strainer and all original hardware. The drum has no issues whatsoever, its hard to believe its a few decades old! The snare tunes up with ease and sounds great right across the range. The brass shell gives this drum a warmth to its tone, not so dissimilar to a Black Beauty; the hammering gives it a nice bright sound, with plenty of bite, much brighter than a regular chrome over aluminium supraphonic 400.

Overall, a great snare drum to add to your collection. In stunning condition, these hammered brass snares aren’t the sort of drum that drift into the shop regularly. Give us a call if you want to come & try it for yourself – +44 (0)1873739138

We offer International shipping on all items if you’re outside the UK. More information on the website and a short video on our Instagram.


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