Snare of the day

Bespoke Copper shell

This copper shell custom snare drum recently came into the shop and has been sat in a heavy duty flight case, overlooked. That was a mistake…..


This drum is seeking a new home and needs to be played loads and enjoyed. I don’t have masses of information, other than it was built by a gentleman named Clive Adams in 1997 (who owned and ran Mercury Drum Co. in the UK). The shell itself was made by a copper smith Steven E Schifer, the solid brass hardware assembled by Clive I assume. This drum is absolutely stunning; great attention to design details like the leather washers separating all hardware from the shell. Yamaha strainers in gold complete this outstanding drum.

The drum tunes up beautifully, and the tone…oh, its like biting into a bar of your favourite chocolate or sipping your favourite beverage after a long hot summer day in work! It’s just….

More details on this drum on our website where we offer international shipping. There is a short video of this drum being played in the shop on my Instagram.

Stunning. Someone please treat themselves to this, it’s a bit special.


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