Snare of the day

Leedy & Ludwig New Era

Today’s featured snare drum is this stunning Leedy & Ludwig New Era model.


This lovely snare drum arrived in a recent batch from the USA and is in a lovely aged white marine pearl. It features a 14 x 4.5″ 3 play shell with reinforcement rings and a white interior; the shell is date stamped 1953. All the hardware on this drum is the original Nickel over brass including the stick chopper hoops.

At 4.5″ this snare has a little more bite than a 5″ drum, with a nice rounded tone associated with drums from this era. It tunes up easily with no issues and sounds great high or low. A lovely drum that would suit players of all genres and style. More information on the website.

Snare of the day

Leedy Broadway Standard

This stunning 15×7″ Leedy snare drum is our featured snare today…


I picked this drum up on a recent trip to the USA as it sounded so fat! Personally, I’m a big fan of this era Leedy drums, particularly the snare drums. This drum is in aged white marine pearl with original hardware. 3 ply shell with reinforcement hoop, white interior dated 1940. The three point strainer is original and fully functional, as are the extended snare bridges which are very similar to the Slingerland Radio King. The drum has engraved hoops and drum key holder present too. The internal muffler is missing. There are some initials on the side in a blue glitter which look really cool!

This is the first I’ve come across in a 15×7″ although they are undoubtedly common in the USA. It tunes up easily and sounds great – both heads are original vintage Weather King. The top head has some cloth taped on the top and there is no reason to take this off if you are looking for that fat, warm vintage mojo!

More information on the website.

Snare of the day

Ludwig Black Beauty

This isn’t just a drum, its a Legend!


Highly collectable, but ultimately playable 1979 Ludwig Black Beauty 14 x 5″ snare drum. Great sounding, iconic snare drum favoured by many both live and in the studio. This drum features all original hardware, with the top hoop being replaced by previous owner with a Pearl super hoop. Some minor wear to the black in places.

Stunning. More information on the website.