Snare of the day

Ludwig Acrolite

Today we are featuring a classic late 1970s Ludwig Acrolite snare drum.


These snare drums have always been regarded among drummers as a studio favourite. I remember English drummer Bob Henrit (Argent, Kinks) telling me that his go to snare drum in the studio, during the 1960s and 1970s was an Acrolite. He may take other snare drums into the studio, but if the drum sound wasn’t working, he could always reach for his Acrolite and it would sound great. People sometimes talk about these drums like they’ve recently become really popular, but they’ve been loved for decades.

This particular snare that we have at the shop is in original condition. A previous owner has engraved his name in the top hoop, but that doesn’t affect the sound. It still sounds great! More details and images on Nick Hopkin Drums website.

One thought on “Snare of the day

  1. I am using the 1969 Ludwig Acrolite snare drum I started playing on when I was in 4th grade. All original, except for the heads, and does have some battle scars and loads of sentimental attachment. I even have the original case and stand for it, too. Though I keep eyeing those vintage Ludwig Supraphonic 400 snare drums, I still cherish and play my ’69 Acrolite with my 1976 Slingerland Buddy Rich set. Glad to read the good comments and regard for the famed Acrolite.

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