Kit of the week

Ajax Nu Sound – 20,12,14

This weeks featured kit has just come into the shop, a 1960’s Ajax Nu Sound in a stunning Raspberry Ripple wrap, in somewhat desirable sizes.


Before the vintage drum police get in touch, I know this wrap was referred to as Burgundy Swirl in the catalogues, but everyone refers to it as Raspberry Ripple (a famous vanilla ice cream with a raspberry syrup rippling through it).

Back to the drums. Desirable sizes on offer – 20×14″ bass drum, 12×8″ tom, 14×14″ floor tom. A couple modifications, in that a late 1960’s Premier tom mount and arm have been added (actually much more reliable than the original Ajax). All the A lugs and brackets are correct and in full working order as are the bass drum spurs and floor tom legs (original). The badge has been re attached on the floor tom and some of the bass drum claws are odd, but generally this kit is in good original condition.

There is some wrap shrinkage which was common on these sets, but Wow! What a stunner. I fitted some Remo coated ambassadors and it tuned up like a dream – a lovely, lively jazzy/funky vibe with all drums wide open. Tune them down and you get a real fat thud – the 14″ floor tom has a real dark, warm tone to it that would make anyone look twice.

All in all a fairly rare, lovely example of a late 1960’s English Ajax Nu Sound set. More details on the website, where we offer Worldwide shipping on all products.