Snare of the day

Brady ‘Flynn era’ Jarrah Ply

Today’s featured drum is interesting and a little controversial. It’s also pretty rare and sounds amazing.


So the story goes that this drum isn’t a Chris Brady Brady. It was made by Bill Flynn, who had some kind of association with Brady in the mid 90’s and was making these Jarrah ply drums with his own Brady badge. A Supreme High Court ruling ended production.

Several were sold in the 90’s and bought by drummers assuming that these drums were genuine Brady. And to be honest, apart from the badge which has a slightly different font, it looks and sounds like one to me.

This particular drum has been resident in a London Recording studio for some 20 years, being used on all sorts of music. It is 14×7″ Jarrah ply finished in Wandoo Burl. Fitted with tube lugs, it tunes up nicely and sounds awesome.

Controversy aside, I guess this is a kind of rare drum as they were taken out of production for legal reasons. If you’re looking for a great studio snare, maybe this is the one for you. Not a Brady but a great sounding snare.

More details here.