Snare of the day

Fibes SFT690

We are fortunate to have two stunning Fibes snare drums in stock at Nick Hopkin Drums. Both drums are in amazing condition, with original parts including the snare wires.


First up is a 14×6″ Crystalite drum; this clear acrylic shell is recognised as something of a classic, rarer in the 6″ depth. All hardware is correct and in great condition, the shell is immaculate with no cracks. The SFT snare strainer is complete and fully functional; it comes with a set of original wires which are in great shape. This drum tunes up easily and sounds great!

We also have a 14×5.5″ fibreglass in Brown Marble. This is an original, and rarer Fibes colour. Maybe you have the kit to match? Again, all the hardware on this drum is original; it even has the Fibes rubber bumper fitted to prevent the snare knocking against the tom.

Both these drums sound great, with loads of sensitivity and response from the extended snare wires. Plenty of volume from these shells when required, a lovely bright crisp tone. An alternative to the vintage wooden and metal shell snare drums in your collection.

More details on both drums on our website…

Snare of the day

Fibes ‘Black Beauty’ 

So this stunning Fibes Black Beauty snare drum arrived at the shop yesterday in amazing condition…


This is an interesting drum, to say the least; other Fibes snare drums I’ve seen have either been clear acrylic of a wrap over fibreglass. This is something else; this is a clear acrylic with the black on the interior. This means that the colour never fades and the gloss never scratches. Genius. Quite a rare drum, relatively; it came from a lovely gentleman in the UK who bought it some years ago and has kept it in pristine condition.

All original hardware with just some minor pitting to the lugs, and Puresound wires replacing the originals. It still has the Professional Drum Shop, Hollywood drum head on it which is lovely.


This drum was only here for a day and is already boxed up and heading back to the USA with this stunning Fibes Copper over fibreglass…. we’ll talk about that one another day.