Snare of the day

Ludwig Classic Maple

This awesome Ludwig Classic maple snare drum recently arrived at the shop about 6 weeks ago,  I’ve played it a couple times previously and fallen in love with it!


I picked this drum up a couple months ago from a collector, who let me have a load of Ludwig snare drums! All kept cased, dry, in lovely condition. Sometimes I myself find it a bit overwhelming walking into the shop as we have a huge stock of vintage snares; so often, great drums get overlooked for more common models. This is one of those drums. 14 x 6.5″ 6 ply Maple shell, in black wrap, immaculate – not a scratch on the drum, all original hardware and best of all it sounds amazing!

I’ve got the drum tuned medium with a twin ply Remo PS3 coated and Puresound wires. It gives a lovely classic rock tone, with plenty of weight and warmth. Tune it higher and you’d achieve a much brighter sounds; tune it way down low with a gel and you can get that fat, low punch.

There’s a short video of it on my Instagram and more details with International shipping options on the website.

Snare of the day

Ludwig Classic Maple 5″

This stunning late 1980’s Ludwig Classic snare drum arrived at the shop a few weeks ago and has just hit the website. 14 x 5″ 6 ply maple shell finished in a Mahogany stain.


This drum features all original hardware including P85 snare strainer and Ludwig snare wires. The shell is in very good condition and comes fitted with Remo Ambassador batter & Ludwig resonant side heads.

This snare drum tunes up really nicely and sounds great right across the tuning range. More information at Nick Hopkin Drums with Worldwide shipping.