Are 6 lugs the new 8?

With the rise in popularity of the 6 lug vintage snare drum, we take a quick look at some of these drums that were introduced as a budget student range. The Ludwig Pioneer and Slingerland Deluxe Student model, have equally become go-to snares for many studio players looking for a drum with a different characteristic to conventional 8 and 10 lug snare drums. Once overlooked as being ‘low end’ these drums are fast becomming classic snares worth having in the collection of any working drummer.

Here’s a short video of some of the snare drums we have at Nick Hopkin Drums – They are all tuned to about the same (75 bottom, 75-80 on a drum dial) although age of heads and type of wires do add character. Filmed on an ipad with a simple Zoom iQ5 microphone.


Snare of the day

Ludwig Pioneer, 1965

Let’s kick off spring at Nick Hopkin drums with getting back to the daily blogging. Hopefully, someone out there enjoys these brief snippets of info about some of the amazing stock of vintage drums and accessories we have stacked floor to ceiling?

Today’s featured drum landed yesterday; mid 196o’s Ludwig Pioneer.

Ludwig Pioneer snare drum, 1965 at Nick Hopkin Drums

This 3 ply Mahogany shell snare drum is in great original condition, with nickel on brass hoops and nickel hardware that has aged nicely ie, its got that lovely vintage mojo about it without falling apart or looking scruffy! Fitted with the Ludwig P83 snare strainer and original red felt ‘baseball bat’ tone control muffler, this drum just oozes vintage…White interior and keystone Ludwig badge with serial number 101659 dates this drum around 1965.

Fitted with Remo heads and some brand new vintage stock 12 strand wires (not Ludwig) this drum tunes up really nicely and sounds great. In natural mahogany it looks pretty cool too! More info on the website where you can buy it – we offer worldwide shipping on all items (shipping calculated at checkout).

Snare of the day

Ludwig Pioneer early 60’s

Today’s selected snare drum arrived at the shop this afternoon. Its an early 1960’s, pre serial Ludwig Pioneer in a stunning white pearl.


This snare drum actually came into our shop late last year and sold to a local drummer. Today he part ex’d it against something else, so She’s back on the racks again! Nickel on brass lugs, snare butt and bottom hoop; chrome top hoop and P83 strainer. Fitted with a mix of Remo / Evans heads and Puresound wires.

The wrap is in excellent condition and is tight with no issues. 3 ply shell with re-rings and white interior. Keystone badge, pre-serial number – I guess around ’60 / ’61. The drum is in nice shape with some minimal pitting to the top hoop; tunes up easily and gives a nice warm but open sound. Great for studio playing. Get that vintage Mojo going with this tuned medium and a wallet on it!

More information and images on the website.