Snare of the day

Rogers Super Ten

Featured snare drum today is this lovely Rogers Super Ten

Rogers Super Ten 6.5 snare drum available at Nick Hopkin Drums

This drum is fairly rare to come across in the UK, a 14 x 6.5″ chrome over steel shell with all original hardware. If you’re looking for that classic American Rock low tuned thud, then this drum could be your answer. The internal dampener/muffler is nice, just touching the head slightly reduces the need for gels on the batter head.

Tune it up mid-high and you get great stick response and a lovely crack!

Many seek the Ludwig 402 as their go to 6.5″ snare drum, and overlook other worthy contenders such as this. More photos and info about this drum on the website.


Snare of the day

Rogers Dynasonic, 6.5″


Fairly rare to come across a 6.5″ Dynasonic, so I thought I’d share this lovely snare drum today.

Rogers Dynasonic 6.5 snare drum available at Nick Hopkin Drums

14 x 6.5″ Chrome over brass shell with original hardware and Big R Rogers USA badge. The cradle on this drum is complete with a set of wires, fitted with Remo heads it tunes up and sounds great.

Today, as when the Dynasonic was introduced, drummers will either claim it is the most responsive snare drum they have ever played, or will dismiss it as being too fiddly to set up and get a good sound. The basic premise was to have a drum with floating snares which allowed tension without putting any pressure on the head. This would require the shell to have no snare beds, which were believed to reduce volume and tone and create choking.

Maybe you’ve never played one? Come and visit us and change that! Common in a 5″ shell, rare in a 6.5″ – this is the only one we’ve ever had in the shop!

Also available at Nick Hopkin Drums website with Worldwide shipping.

Snare of the day

Rogers Dynasonic 8″ Maple

Today’s featured snare drum is another first through the shop in the 5 years we’ve been open. An early 80’s  Rogers  Maple Dynasonic.


This drum was the last of the Dynasonics, appearing in the 1983 catalogue. It’s fairly rare to see on the market, especially in the UK – this drum being a 14 x 8″ shell.

Featuring the Rogers USA Big R badge, all hardware is original; ‘Beaver tail’ lugs with black plinths, snare frame with a set of wires, ‘clock face’ strainer and internal tone control muffler.

This drum is in great condition. A couple minor scratches to the shell, and a dent in the badge, that’s all. Tunes up nicely and sounds great. Seldom seen in the UK. More info on this drum on our website.

Kit of the week

Rogers Big R Spanish Gold

This weeks featured kit is something you don’t see everyday, particularly here in the UK. A Rogers Big R set in Big sizes – 24,13,14,18 – in Spanish Gold.


This set landed at the shop this week, and took my breath away as I took the drums out of the cases. First off, I love the colour – have you ever seen anything quite like it? Cased it’s whole life there is no fade to the wrap and the chrome is great, so I’d put this as collectors condition – although it really must be played because you should hear it!


Fitted with original Rogers heads this set hold lots of vintage charm, but in these sizes it has to be heard to be believed. 5 ply maple shells with re-rings,  in these sizes,  gives the big, fat warm sound you’d expect. I don’t like to compare brands, as we currently have some really great sets in the shop, but this really is something special. A 24″ and 18″ on a 4 piece set is just immense!


Some people didn’t like the change from the Swivomatic  to this chunkier Memrilok hardware, but its actually very good. If you can get past the oversized tubular bass drum legs, the rest is very practical. The memriloks allow you to set tom arms and floor tom legs precisely, making set up a dream.

The kit is available on our website with Worldwide shipping, but if you’re in the UK i’d urge you to make an appointment to come to the shop and hear this kit for yourself.

It’s jaw dropping!