Kit of the week

Rogers Big R Spanish Gold

This weeks featured kit is something you don’t see everyday, particularly here in the UK. A Rogers Big R set in Big sizes – 24,13,14,18 – in Spanish Gold.


This set landed at the shop this week, and took my breath away as I took the drums out of the cases. First off, I love the colour – have you ever seen anything quite like it? Cased it’s whole life there is no fade to the wrap and the chrome is great, so I’d put this as collectors condition – although it really must be played because you should hear it!


Fitted with original Rogers heads this set hold lots of vintage charm, but in these sizes it has to be heard to be believed. 5 ply maple shells with re-rings,  in these sizes,  gives the big, fat warm sound you’d expect. I don’t like to compare brands, as we currently have some really great sets in the shop, but this really is something special. A 24″ and 18″ on a 4 piece set is just immense!


Some people didn’t like the change from the Swivomatic  to this chunkier Memrilok hardware, but its actually very good. If you can get past the oversized tubular bass drum legs, the rest is very practical. The memriloks allow you to set tom arms and floor tom legs precisely, making set up a dream.

The kit is available on our website with Worldwide shipping, but if you’re in the UK i’d urge you to make an appointment to come to the shop and hear this kit for yourself.

It’s jaw dropping!