Snare of the day

Rogers Tower

Today’s featured snare drum is this stunning Rogers Tower in Blue glass glitter…


While the wood shell Dynasonic snare drum ┬áhas become the Holy grail and the Powertone more common, the Tower has remained a ‘closet classic’. This particular drum is in amazing, original condition – the wrap is in really great, bright, sparkling condition whilst the chrome hardware shows little signs of wear.

This drum dates to the mid 1960’s (1964-1967) with original grey interior and Cleveland tag. It tunes up with ease and sounds great – a nice bright open sound with great stick response right across the playing surface. To me it sounds like classic Rogers. More information and photos on the website.


Snare of the day

Rogers Tower

Today’s featured snare drum is another from the Rogers drum company, a Tower in blue sparkle.


This mid 1960’s snare drum is in great condition, the wrap in excellent shape with no dull spots or fade to the colour. The chrome is also in excellent condition and all hardware is original.

The drum features the Sta-Tite snare strainer with the V facing downwards dating the drum somewhere between 1964 and 1967. Grey interior and Cleveland tag authenticate the originality of this drum.

Fitted with Aquarian head sand Puresound wires, it tunes up easily and sounds great. More information and images on the website.