Snare of the day

Slingerland Radio King, 1958

This stunning late 1950’s Slingerland Radio King snare drum arrived at the shop this week. What can I say, one of the nicest sounding Radio King snare drums I’ve had in the shop for some time – some just sing when you hit them!


Finished in Black Diamond Pearl, this 14 x 5.5″ solid maple shell is in lovely condition. The previous owner had this drum restored 10 years ago – the bearing edges were re-cut, as were the snare beds. The shell interior is date stamped 21 JUL 1958 and is in great condition, with original hardware fitted; twin felt internal tone control/muffler, Sticksaver hoops and Clamshell snare strainer and butt end. The lever on the strainer has been updated with a modern replica arm, which functions great (the original lever comes with the drum).

Fitted with Remo heads and Puresound wires, the drum tunes up easily and sounds like a dream. A wet one. More information on the website…

Snare of the day

Slingerland Radio King 14 x 7″

This Stunning 14 x 7″ Solid shell Radio King just landed at the shop…


What can I say? Highly sought after 7″ Solid maple shell in a cool Red/Yellow Duco with original Nickel hardware and hoops. Black / brass Chicago badge dates this drum late 1950’s (’56-59). Some wear to the paintwork, but this drum looks and sounds way cool.

Fitted with a new Remo Hazy Ambassador and a set of Puresound wires as the originals were a bit worn out; I left the batter head as it has cool song notes and lyrics written by a previous owner. This drum takes regular heads, tunes up easily and sounds #Stunning! More information on the website…

Snare of the day

Noble & Cooley 7″

OK, so we’re on a Noble & Cooley trip here this week, but can you blame us? Featured today is a solid maple shell 14 x 7″……


This stunning Noble & Cooley drum is available at our shop, brand new in the bag, only played a couple times in store. It features a 14 x 7″ Solid maple shell in a cherry finish, fitted with the classic Noble & Cooley hardware that they believe enhances the sound of the drum. The snare throw is so smooth and allows for unlimited tweaking to get the snares ‘just right’.

And this drum sounds amazing! Just Wow! If you’re looking for a solid shell snare drum with modern hardware, rather than something vintage that may not be so road-worthy, then this is the drum for you. It just sounds awesome right across the tuning range, with great sensitivity.

An older gentleman visited the shop yesterday and played some jazz grooves on it and said ‘wow, what’s this snare’? I laid into it a little, playing some rock grooves with a rim shot and it sounded sublime. So versatile and so lovely.

More information on the website. We also have Noble & Cooley snares available in 4″ and 5″.

Snare of the day

D L Walker Solid Walnut

OK, so today we’re featuring a snare drum which isn’t vintage or classic; there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of D L Walker drums. I hadn’t. Cruising around a few forums Stateside, these drums pop up from time to time but appear a bit of a mystery.

This drum was custom made for a client, who has sadly passed away, so I cant gather much information about it. Its a solid Walnut shell, most probably made by Ron Vaughn of Vaughncraft drums, so I’m told. It has wide, fat reinforcement hoops and gives a lovely big, fat warm sound. That said, it also offers tonnes of response tuned high or low, right across the paying surface.

Fitted with gold hardware this snare drum oozes class, and sounds as good as it looks; something a little different to have in ones snare drum collection. It’s definitely  a head turner in both looks and sound. The previous owner had his initials engraved into the top hoop.

More info and image of the drum at Nick Hopkin Drums.