Snare of the day

Sonor Symphony

This lovely Sonor Symphony snare drum arrived at the shop a couple weeks ago.


Although not particularly vintage, rather nice nonetheless! The drum features a 14 x 5″ brass shell with original single point Sonor tube lugs. Single flange chrome hoops, tensioned with snare claws make it a little quirkier than standard.

This drum tunes up nicely with a set of Remo Ambassador heads. It has plenty of bite, with the added warmth of the brass shell, making this a really nice drum to play. It has a different fell to other brass snare drums that we have in the shop; why not come visit us to try it?

More info about this drum on the website.

Snare of the day



Today’s featured snare is a little stunner from Sonor.


This Sonor Delite snare drum is 14×6″ in cherry maple, and looks like it just came out the showroom! All the hardware on this drum is original – die cast hoops, Sonor slot tension rods. The chrome and the shell are in absolutely immaculate condition. Rarely have I seen anything quite like it.

As well as looking like a million dollars, it tunes up nicely and sounds awesome. If you’re into Sonor drums, its rare to come across a Delite snare drum like this. More info on the website.