Snare of the day

Tama King Beat

Today we look at a Japanese Classic, the Tama King Beat. This snare was introduced into Tama’s product line around 1980. A seamless metal shell fitted with a parallel action strainer which they claimed was ‘the most adjustable strainer in the industry‘. It was offered in 14 x 5″ and 14 x 6.5″.

The inner flange of the steel at a 45 degree angle gives this drum plenty of attack, whilst the thickness of the shell gives it a fat, warm sound even in the 5″ model. Combined with the adjustable strainer and Tama Snappy Snares, this drum is great and often overlooked (although seldom seen in the UK, especially in the UK).

The internal mufflers on these drums have a neatly designed control knob unlike anything I’ve seen on other brands. The lugs remind me of Rogers. The die cast hoops give the drum some weight and a more refined sound to my ears than triple flange.


We are fortunate to have both a 14 x 5″ and 14 x 6.5″ Tama King Beat in the shop at the moment, and both drums tune up and sound great. Come and try one for yourself, or trust our judgement and order online with Worldwide shipping.