Snare of the day

Yamaha 055D

OK, so today’s featured snare drum is this Yamaha 055D that came out of the Yamaha stable in the mid 1970’s. This drum was offered in a few shell depths, as well as in wood.

This particular drum is a chrome 14 x 5.5″ in good condition. All original hardware – fully functional super sensitive style snare strainer with wires that extend further than the diameter of the shell. Original lugs, hoops and tension rods.

There is some pitting to the shell in places, but overall the drum is good. A nice bright sound with plenty of response from the wires right across the tuning range. These are seldom seen so it’s nice to have one in the shop.

More information and images at Nick Hopkin Drums. This snare drum is for sale with Worldwide shipping.