Snare of the day

D L Walker Solid Walnut

OK, so today we’re featuring a snare drum which isn’t vintage or classic; there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of D L Walker drums. I hadn’t. Cruising around a few forums Stateside, these drums pop up from time to time but appear a bit of a mystery.

This drum was custom made for a client, who has sadly passed away, so I cant gather much information about it. Its a solid Walnut shell, most probably made by Ron Vaughn of Vaughncraft drums, so I’m told. It has wide, fat reinforcement hoops and gives a lovely big, fat warm sound. That said, it also offers tonnes of response tuned high or low, right across the paying surface.

Fitted with gold hardware this snare drum oozes class, and sounds as good as it looks; something a little different to have in ones snare drum collection. It’s definitely  a head turner in both looks and sound. The previous owner had his initials engraved into the top hoop.

More info and image of the drum at Nick Hopkin Drums.