Snare of the day

Gretsch 4153

This stunning Gretsch 4153 snare drum just arrived at the shop….

Gretsch 4153 snare drum available at Nick Hopkin Drums

This 14 x 6.5″ Gretsch snare drum dates to early 1980’s a truly sounds stunning. Truth be told, I usually find wood shell Gretsch snare drums quite boxy but this one is something else.


This is a 6 ply shell in natural finish, with all original hardware. The die cast hoops and lugs are in good shape, as is the lightening snare strainer – and the drum is in round. One noticeable feature is the uneven snare beds; looking at the drum from above, one can see that the beds are cut off centre. The snare wires lie flat however, and there seems to be no compromise in sound – this drum just sounds great right across the tuning range.

Not seen that often in the UK, I’d say most people with this snare in their collection hang onto it. I know two record producers who have been using an identical snare as their ‘go to’ in their studios for the past 20+ years…..

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