Rare Hayman Iceberg

Hayman ‘Iceberg’ drum set

The word Rare, in the vintage drums World, is banded around a bit too much for my liking. This set, however, is super rare.

So here she is; Hayman Iceberg 22,12,13,16


Emerging in 1971, the ‘Iceberg’ was displayed at trade shows but very few were actually manufactured. Sources close to Ivor Arbiter confirm  ‘only a handful’. Of that handful of drum kits produced and I know of only 1 other in Europe in the same condition as this -excellent!

This set is a great example, having come from a collector. It is in great condition with some minor scuffs and scratches from use, the 12 & 13″ toms are still fitted with original Hayman heads! The only thing on this set that isn’t original is the front bass drum hoop.


Don’t miss out on this, I doubt you’ll see another up for sale anywhere soon! Check out a stack of photos on the website. We will ship this set anywhere in the World, contact us for a price.

A ducco week

OK, I know. It’s been a while since I wrote anything about the shop. We’ve had a busy couple weeks, but now all the drum shows are over for a while we can get back to sharing some stunning vintage drums with you.

This week these 3 ducco delights dropped through our letterbox, and I don’t really want to see any of them leave! They are looking for new stands to sit on and be played and loved though, so take your pic. Which would you play first?



Left to right: Ludwig ‘Barrett Deems‘ model; Geo. Way ‘Studio‘ model; Leedy ‘Broadway‘.

All drums available at Nick Hopkin Drums with International shipping.

Snare of the day

Camco No. 99 Super

OK, so this rather rare & stunning Camco snare drum arrived at the shop a couple days ago…


Appearing in the 1965 catalogue with the name No.99 Super, this drum is a lovely example in original condition. Chrome over brass shell and hoops, original key mounted in the shell, original internal tone control dampener, original fully functional snare strainer. The drum is cosmetically in great shape, with a small dent where the tone control knob it; One for the collector as well as the player.

Sounds wise, it tunes up nicely and does what you’d expect from a chrome on brass drum. Nice and open, but with a control and a warm bit. More information on the website and a short video of the drum in action on our Instagram.

Snare of the day

Ludwig Black Beauty 6.5″

OK, so it’s midnight and I’m writing a very late / early ‘snare of the day’ feature on this Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum. Maybe you’re just crashing in from the pub (UK) or maybe you’ve just finished your week in work (USA); I’m sat in bed with a cup of tea listening to Pink Floyd!


There’s a reason so many people go on about the Black Beauty snare drum. Many owners are no longer searching for that snare drum sound because they’ve found it. Believe the hype! This 14 x 6.5″ sounds stunning and may quench your snare thirst for a little while…

This particular drum dates from the 90’s and is fitted with a super sensitive strainer. For me, this means the drum so much more to offer; the classic brass Black Beauty sound along with great sensitivity of the wires and the ability to finely tune the buzz to get an almost perfect snare sound. I could go on. But simply this drum sounds awesome. Last Black Beauty in the shop, no more en route at the moment. More information on the website

Snare of the day


Today’s featured snare drum, is a brand very rarely seen here in the UK, Corder.


In 1979, Jim Corder bought the Fibes drum company. He moved the facilities to Huntsville, Alabama, and rather than continue with the acrylic drums Fibes were famous for, he began producing wood shells. The lugs, strainers, hoops remained Fibes. He sold the company in the early 90’s,  so these drums were produced for just over  a decade, at the most.


This is the first one I’ve seen, but we have a full kit coming into the shop very soon. This drum is 6 ply maple in a 14 x 5.5″ in immaculate condition. Everything on this drum is original, and great! It tunes up nicely and sounds phenomenal – great response. More info on the website.


Snare of the day

Gretsch 4153

This stunning Gretsch 4153 snare drum just arrived at the shop….

Gretsch 4153 snare drum available at Nick Hopkin Drums www.nickhopkindrums.com

This 14 x 6.5″ Gretsch snare drum dates to early 1980’s a truly sounds stunning. Truth be told, I usually find wood shell Gretsch snare drums quite boxy but this one is something else.


This is a 6 ply shell in natural finish, with all original hardware. The die cast hoops and lugs are in good shape, as is the lightening snare strainer – and the drum is in round. One noticeable feature is the uneven snare beds; looking at the drum from above, one can see that the beds are cut off centre. The snare wires lie flat however, and there seems to be no compromise in sound – this drum just sounds great right across the tuning range.

Not seen that often in the UK, I’d say most people with this snare in their collection hang onto it. I know two record producers who have been using an identical snare as their ‘go to’ in their studios for the past 20+ years…..

More info here

Kit of the week

Premier 20,12,14

This lovely late 60’s Premier set just hit the website in desirable sizes – 20,12,14.


This English made set represents the best the UK has to offer; exceptional quality birch shells with re-rings and the nicest hardware you can experience. Art deco lugs and hardware in high quality chrome, die cast hoops and the nicest tension rods ever designed – that simple touch of the thread not being visisble, I still don’t understand why no one has copied this today.

In 20,12,14 this set just sings when you play it, the 14 offering some serious low end when tuned down, if required. I’ve left the original heads on the set where possible – the bass drum display head is pretty worn, but then this is vintage! We can update the heads for you if required. The bass drum and floor tom are standard size, the 12″ tom is pre-international size but the original heads are good.

Some wear to the bass drum hoops, I haven’t re-painted them as this is a debatable choice; an extra tom mount has been added to the bass drum, so the set is not totally original, but that’s the only misdemeanour. More details here

Snare of the day

Still searching for that sound?

Hayman Vibrasonic, late 1960’s

This stunning Hayman Vibrasonic snare drum is one for both the players and collectors out there.


This drum is wrapped in Silver Ignot and dates to the late 1960’s. The snare strainer and tone control dampener owe a lot to it’s American counterparts of the era. The turret lugs, whilst at a glance looking like Camco, on closer inspection are their own.

The top hoop on this particular drum is non original, but in keeping with the style of the original hoops; all other hardware is original and period correct. The white interior vibrasonic paint is immaculate. The drum tunes up nicely and sounds great at all tuning.

More details and lots of images on Nick Hopkin Drums website, where we offer worldwide shipping at checkout (we accept all major credit cards and paypal).

Snare of the day

Premier Mayfair, 1927

Today’s featured drum is one of the oldest snare drums in the shop ( i think we have a couple that are a little earlier). The Premier Mayfair made appearances in the 1927 catalogue.

Premier Mayfair snare drum 1927 at Nick Hopkin Drums www.nickhopkindrums.com

This drum features a 14 x 5″ chrome over brass beaded shell. All fittings on this drum are 100% original. The single flange hoops are engraved ‘Premier Mayfair British made’ and come with a full set of original rods and claws.

Complimented with a set of original calf heads, with no issues, and tightly coiled snare wires that are period correct. The snare strainer is original, the only downside being that the lever arm is missing.

Its not often you see a piece of English drum history in a ready to play condition, but we have one in store – its just gone onto the website.

The shell could do with a little clean up, if shiny is your thing; personally I like these drums that are almost a century old, to look vintage!

Hayman ‘Vibrasonic’ snare drum

Today I’m looking at a Hayman ‘Vibrasonic’ snare drum that recently came into the shop as part of a full kit. This snare drum is in lovely condition. It dates to around 1973, by the silver badge and the colour of the drum – ‘Regal Red’. This would have been manufactured towards the end of the Hayman name; Hayman ceased production of drums in 1975, you can read more about that here.

This snare drum is in lovely, original condition. There are no marks or scratches to the red wrap and neither is there any wrap lifting (which was common on hayman drums, especially around the lugs). The chrome is good, the only real exception being on the original snare strainer; despite this, it is fully functional and has the Hayman logo inscribed. All features are original – baseball bat style tone control dampener, 1o lug triple flange hoops, turret style lugs, slot head tension rods.

The white ‘vibrasonic’ shell interior is in great condition, with no crazing. The shell is round and sound, all good. I fitted the drum with new Remo Ambassador heads and the drum tuned up great. There are some sound files of the drum at low / mid tuning & mid/high tuning, both with and without moon gel. It sounds great at both, but for me its sweet spot is at a mid/high tension.

I’ve done a short video feature on this snare drum on my YouTube channel. There are more images and information on the snare drum and the matching drum kit on http://www.nickhopkindrums.com