Snare of the day

Ludwig Supraphonic 400

This fine Ludwig Supraphonic 400 snare drum arrived at the shop this week with some more gear….


The most recorded snare drum of all time, this drum has loads of tone; together with the invention  of the plastic drum head, this drum was the sound of Rock & Roll. This particular drum dates around 1976 by the serial number on the Blue/Olive badge. All hardware is original and fully functional. Some chrome pitting on the shell which is common on these drums.

It tunes up and sounds great right across the tuning range. We have more coming soon, but right now this is the only one in stock – don’t miss out! More details here.

Snare of the day


Today’s featured snare drum, is a brand very rarely seen here in the UK, Corder.


In 1979, Jim Corder bought the Fibes drum company. He moved the facilities to Huntsville, Alabama, and rather than continue with the acrylic drums Fibes were famous for, he began producing wood shells. The lugs, strainers, hoops remained Fibes. He sold the company in the early 90’s,  so these drums were produced for just over  a decade, at the most.


This is the first one I’ve seen, but we have a full kit coming into the shop very soon. This drum is 6 ply maple in a 14 x 5.5″ in immaculate condition. Everything on this drum is original, and great! It tunes up nicely and sounds phenomenal – great response. More info on the website.


Premier 2000 snare drum

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Premier 2000 snare drum in the shop, for many reasons, but mostly because the drums we’ve been offered have had the chrome hanging off them! Whilst with some snare drums the appearance is secondary to sound, and the battered drums have a bit of vintage Mojo going on (eg. Ludwig Supraphonic 400) when it comes to the Premier 2000 i find that players like them as cosmetically perfect as possible.

The 2000 snare drum, was Premier’s flagship snare drum throughout the 1970’s. It was actually introduced in the late 1960’s, the very first incarnation featuring a chrome over brass shell (possibly surplus shells from the Royal Ace line). The majority that we see are chrome over aluminium with some of the later drums in the 1980’s being chrome over steel. You can read more of the history of this snare drum in my article for Not So Modern Drummer.

So this late 70’s / early 80’s drum that has just arrived at the shop is in excellent condition; it has a couple of scratches to the shell and one small dent. The chrome on all the hardware is absolutely faultless, which is really great to see. Die cast hoops are in great shape, note that the tension rods on this drum are square head. It even has the original Premier ‘double 12’ wires intact, and fitted with a new Remo Emperor it tunes up great.

There’s a sound file of the snare drum being played here and a short video about it on the Nick Hopkin Drums You Tube channel.

The drum is available in our shop to try, there are more images and details about it on We offer worldwide shipping on all drums.


Slingerland Sound King 6.5″

1970’s Slingerland Sound King 6.5″ Chrome over brass. Features Zoomatic strainer, original hoops and internal damper. This snare has the depth of a Ludwig 402, but a bit more warmth due to the brass shell, and a bit more ‘bite’ to my ears. This drum records exceptionally well, rarely seen in this size, because drummers hang onto them!

Slingerland ‘Buddy Rich’ model

Slingerland 'Buddy Rich' model

1976/77 Buddy Rich model snare drum. All original with 3 air grommets and TDR strainer.
A really beautiful sounding drum, one of the nicest I’ve had in, very sensitive.

Custom Vintage Snare

Custom Vintage Snare

This is my first custom vintage snare drum. Made from a 14×8″ Mahogany shell with reinforcement hoops. Snare beds cut, wrapped in White Oyster; fitted with 70’s Premier lugs and snare throw/butt. Die cast hoops and puresound snare wires. Sounds Great! Click pic for more info…