It would appear I haven’t blogged for ages, so here’s a quick round up of the past couple of months.

I’m happy to announce that we’ve got a good thing going on with our friends at Real World studio in Somerset UK. They currently have two of our vintage kits (late 60’s Premier 20,12,16 & late 60’s Beverley 22,13,16) and a handful of vintage snare drums (Leedy, Ludwig, Slingerland, Beverley) available to hire on sessions (and buy if you fall in love with them). When I was down last week I was fortunate enough to meet Hugh Padgham and have a brief conversation with him about recording Phil Collins’ drums…. If only we’d both had time┬áto talk drums all afternoon, maybe another time.

We’re currently looking at putting a kit and some snares into Monnow Valley studio, who have supported us since we opened and put a lot of drummers our way. Cant wait to get a vintage kit in their big live room. We’re just discussing kit options, watch this (or that) space.

We finished uploaded loads of vintage spare drum parts to the website. As you search the spares section there is a menu on the right with lots of subcategories – it still needs a little organisation, but has come a long way. Just this week I found an old notebook from 3 years ago; i think the spares section on the site was a picture of a pile of drum parts and a call to email us. We’ve come a long way since then, but if we can improve your browsing and buying experience do email us.

We’ve got a super Rare HiPercussion set just come in, white acrylic shells circa mid 70’s; Bob Henrit has confirmed that only a handful of these kits came in from Italy, it’s amazing that we’ve found one in absolutely mint condition – 22,12,13,14,16 (tunable timp floor tom) with matching snare. We’re itching to photograph this set and put it online for you all to see.


This weekend we’re in Birmingham UK on Sunday 13th at the PMT boot sale, with a load of modern hardware and spares to clear, that we’ve accumulated over time. So come and say if you’re about and have a chat. We may throw a few vintage snares in the car at bargain prices, who knows!