Capelle Turbo drum kit

We’ve had a really rare Capelle Turbo kit in the shop for a couple of weeks, which has taken up a lot of space! Today it sold, and will be off to its new home in a couple of weeks, so look out for it on a stage near you!

These kits were made for a short time in the early 80’s, I believe, by Jaques Capelle in France. 9 ply mahogany shells in serious power sizes make this kit pretty weighty in both looks and sound; 24×32 bass drum, 12×12 & 13×12 toms, 16×16 floor tom.

Other quirks to the kit include quick release handles on the tubular bass drum legs and tom post, and the interesting design of the floor tom legs.

A stunning set, I doubt we’ll see another pass through the shop, but you never know!

IMG_9581IMG_9576IMG_9592 IMG_9580IMG_9584    IMG_9593


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